Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Itchy Skin Parasites and Hulda Clark ParaZapper

Itchy skin parasites may easily make us crazy. Infect most who contract with them are driven to depression because the doctors don’t have enough information about these itchy skin parasites. A few years ago a new skin disease has found by Mary Letio and he gives this disease name of Morgellons. Almost 90 % people are not aware of Morgellons and I believe hardly only 5 to 10 % exist in the society who have a bit information about this fatal disease, Morgellons. This fatal skin disease is based on parasites. The people, who experience Morgellons, may show the following symptoms, such as crawling, biting, stinging sensations, finding fibers on or under the skin, and persistent skin lesions (Rashes or Sores).

Today this is also one fact that some physicians denied the existence of Morgellons. It is really frustrating that someone trying to get the medical assistance on the basis of symptoms (Mentioned Above) and the doctor said that nothing is wrong. And symptoms are caused by neurotic scratching and if the patient left the lesions alone, he has supposedly healed.
 Here more frustrating is that if two or more members of the family have same the symptoms, it is diagnosed as a Folie a Deux (two) or a Folie a Trois (three).  It is absolutely right, psychiatrists actually gives these diagnoses to those people, who are suffering from actual skin parasites. 
Types of Morgellons
There are various strains of Morgellons that are actually itchy skin parasites. These itchy skin parasites have two types, strongyloides stercoralis and Collembola (spring tails).
Strongyloides stercoralis is a nematode. It is also called a round worm or thread worm and often transmitted to humans through animal feces, such as through birds, rat or mice feces etc. It can also be transferred directly from an infected animal to humans, pets, and even down to mites, bed bugs and so on.
There are 6000 + species on the planet of Collembola and at a time at least one species always found in animals. They generally feed on decaying matter and founds in the garden. These are also transmitted through infected animals to other animals and pets, such as dogs, cats, rats, mice, and even a human also. It is not uncommon for people who complain of Morgellons symptoms to observe springtime in their homes or other surroundings.

Today the main drawback is that there is no any such a reliable test available that diagnosis these itchy parasites. These are only symptoms that allow us to take necessary action against these itchy skin parasites. Recent research shows that a new advanced device has developed that easily kill all these itchy skin parasites in a few minutes. The name of this amazing device is Hulda Clark Zapper by ParaZapper, which is now days commonly using to kill microbes in water based environments using mild electrical pulses. The technique used by many to relieve themselves of this problem is referred to as ‘tub zapping’. ParaZapper have the ability to kill millions of parasites and other germs just in few minutes.
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