Sunday, 23 February 2014

The World’s Most Successful Organism! Parasitic Organism & ParaZapper

Parasitism is relationship between two organisms, where one gets benefits on the expenses of others. The one’s who get benefits is known as a parasite and another is hosted and the host may be a plant, a pet, and or a human also. The parasites are generally smaller than their hosts and reproduced very fast. There are two types of parasites. The parasite that lives on the surface of host is called ectoparasites, and those who live in the host, commonly known as endoparasites. 

These parasites are actually an organism that takes protection from another organism (Host) usually in the shape of the injury. These parasites cause chronic disease in immature humans and animals and are omnipresent in water and food. The parasites also cause allot of other external (Skin) and internal (Digestive) diseases and migrated to stressed and weakened area of the body.
The parasites often separate from red blood cells as they pass through a spleen by a process known as pitting, so strong spleen is really important for immune defense. Worms live inside the fecal matter to avoid any detection by the immune system.
They may also cluster together obstructing the intestines, lymph drainage, bile ducts, and capillaries of the brain and other organs, which may cause serious problems. By doing this, they block the distribution of oxygen, nourishment and a blood circulation. This parasite organism is really a dangerous organism in the living world, especially for humans.
Parasites in Our Homes
No doubt parasites could be the primary cause of every illness. They are carried into the house by our shoes, they live in our hairs, under fingernails, in our everyday living luggage’s, and even on our skin and become the part of our day to day carpeting.  Today the parasites are most successful life- forms on earth.
If you have a pet in your house, you are carrying parasites with you, you have a cat, and there are high chances that you become the host of Toxoplasma Gondii (A parasite that transmitted from cat to humans).  Researchers have proved that Toxoplasma Gondii ultimately lodge in our brains and cause behavior change in human. Men can become more aggressive, and women appear to exhibit the sex kitten and become less trustworthy.    It is all about the parasites, the most dangerous organism in the living world.

How you may get rid of this parasitic organism. Research shows that there is a device, through which, you may easily get rid of some parasitic organisms. The name of this amazing device is Hulda Clark Zapper by ParaZapper that uses specific frequencies to kill microbes and parasites from a water based environments. A Hulda Clark zapper by ParaZapper device shows an amazing result from the past number of years and earns a great reputation in all over the world.
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